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La Femme Nue is dedicated to tastefully and artistically capturing the beauty of the female form. Owned by a world-renowned and highly acclaimed photographer and based in Asheville, North Carolina, La Femme Nue is dedicated to celebrating women. Every woman has a model’s instinct in them trying to get out. Let La Femme Nue empower you to feel your most beautiful and comfortable....let us help you to unleash your inner model. We offer a safe and comfortable environment in which to model... and you even collect royalties, potentially for years to come! Email us to set up an audition or session: models@lafemmenue.com


a full-time professional photographer for well over a decade. He has shot for

Playboy and other similar publications when he lived in southern California and now has begun shooting for tasteful online sites. He also sells fine art prints to upscale art lovers and has been shown in a multitude of galleries

nationwide, locally including Pack Place, Black Mountain Center for the Arts, and the Biltmore Estate.  His works hang in private collections worldwide.

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January 2008, Asheville, NC


March 2008, Las Vegas,



April 2008, Nassau, Bahamas

Upcoming Locations:

Kauai, Hawaii

Asheville, North Carolina

If you have an interesting location that would be good for a shoot, please email us and let us know!

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